About Us

Who we are?

Qualo Global is the strong strategic partner for companies and brands aiming to enter the international market in an effective and sustainable way. 

We offer you our professional experience in the business scope, in Europe and East Asia. We have the strategic vision to accomplish objectives through progressive thinking, sustainable logic and strong communities.

With a deep understanding of the market and consumer we ensure that our clients develop a positive image in the market and offer the best products or services to their target consumers. We develop, execute and monitor different marketing and trade procedures to ensure that they are profitable and effective for our clients.

Qualo Global is uniquely talented at building and maintaining the kinds of relationships that translate to sales for our clients. We are working with the relevant key partners, industry leaders and trade organizations to help companies enter markets successfully.

We partner with Glowing Solutions Co., Ltd (Hong Kong) providing payment and invoicing solutions for reaching out global clients with flexibility



Our Mission

Sustainability is the key factor that most organisations in today’s society strive to achieve. Qualo Global aims to bring together globalized, eco-conscious & ethical strategies that lead to sustainable profits. 

Qualo China

Besides being China specialists in consultancy, market research, marketing and sourcing the team has developed a network of partners across China. We have undertaken several projects in China working with international and local companies as well as governments.