Oimo is an Eco-Design and Green Consultancy project focused in the concepting, creation, testing and implementation of Sustainable Packaging and Green Strategies.


It stands for Organic - Intelligent - Malleable - Objects. We're proud to be developing a portfolio of marine degradable (4-6 weeks) and hyper compostable packaging solutions for global clients and, and be able to support them to create Innovation and Sustainability within the Plastic Packaging Industry.

We create

Sustainable packaging able to get any kind of form and that has more than 10 applications.
It is possible to get it customized with any kind of colour and opacity.

We create

Sustainable packaging able to get any kind of form and that has more than 10 applications. Get it personalised with any kind of colours and opacity.

Vision + Goals

Oimo's aim is to revolutionise packaging through innovation and establish Sustainability and Affordability as the new norm..

Oimo's benefits

  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • 0 hazardous by-products
  • Reduced melting temperatures
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Food contact grade
  • Eligible for REACH
  • Solvent-Free Production

Oimo's CanHolder

  • We present the first hyper compostable Bioplastic can holder to be invented which can replace LDPE.
  • Made using readily available, economical  raw materials including waste materials,  and not fossil fuel derivatives:  
  • Biopolymers +  Plasticizer + Addiontal additives 
  • Following it’s popularity, we’ve extended the range of designs and processes to replace other plastic applications.

Who is Oimo?

  • Oimo is a Eco-Design company which specializes in Environmentally Friendly Packaging Development and Consultancy.  That’s where the name Organic Intelligent Malleable Objects comes from.
  • We design (Bio)plastic Packaging Nature can handle to particular specifications, to implement green packaging which is sustainable for both the environment and your company to use.
  • We believe a product should be sustainably thought out from the start to the end of its life, the base of all our work with our clients. certification.