Qualo training&mobility


We would be pleased to be on your side for your ambitious upcoming projects. 

Our projects

Qualo manages huge all sort of mobilities, internships, study programs and trainings. We join Lifelong Learning Program (mainly Leonardo, Erasmus, Grundtvig) and Youth in Action, also working within Erasmus+,as well as  also individual self-funded programs for non-EU participants. 


Our participants' profiles

    • Participants from various countries (Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, Third Countries,…) for 4 – 36 months.
    • Students and recent graduates from High school, vocational training, specialized courses, and universities, generally between 17(e.g VET participants) and 30 years old.
    • Reinsertion programs: people 30+, unemployed… We have also collaborated in some projects to provide internship placement and educational programs to people with minor disabilities: deafness (total or partial), limited mobility (wheelchair), special attention needs (low anxiety…). However for these kind of projects, the group coming is usually small (as they demand higher attention), and we must evaluate separately each case to determine the viability.
    • Teachers and school´s staff (short term stays: trainings, job shadowing activities, visits, …) 
    • Diplomatic corps and employment institutions

“Partnership is not a posture but a process - a continuous process that grows stronger each year as we devote ourselves to common tasks.” J.F. Kennedy

Our partnership proposal

 Qualo will be more than glad to join in different spheres of your project:

  • to host your students/interns directly at our company 
  • to offer them an internship placement in our partner organization
  • to get any kind of assignment and to contribute to your project proposal 

We have a wide experience and we are always ready to adapt and manage any project or contribute in different steps.

 Qualo will be more than happy to host your students/interns as we have many open positions in different sectors and we are always ready to search a host company for each participant according to their preferences.

After years in this business we built a broad network of  partners (formal and non-formal educational institutions, companies, organizations on local and international level, teachers communities, civil associations and political parties) who collaborate with us for different local and international educational projects. We look forward to being your trustworthy partner!

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