Qualo training&mobility


Having an intern in your company brings you a new vision and fresh ideas. It is a great opportunity for both the company and the participant. In some cases, it will be a trial period for a potential employee.

Becoming a host organization

⚪ We identify the needs of your company and search for suitable jobs.
⚪ We examine the situation and help you select the right aspirants.
⚪ At no cost: in case the internees recive a grant.
⚪ The company decides the payment if the internee is not awarded with a grant

Benefits for your company

⚪ Increase of knowledge about different cultures.
⚪ Having an employee of a foreign language.  Increase of productivity.
⚪ Benefits associated with a new vision and an open person on staff.
⚪ Corporate Social Responsibility: social involvement.
⚪ Help students from around the globe to live  and enrich their academic experience abroad.
⚪Offer training to participants that need to improve their skills for an academic, professional and cultural environment.
⚪ Make sure that the participants fulfill their learning and that they achieve their goals . 

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