Qualo training&mobility


Qualo will you support during the whole internships, whether finding a  placement for the internships or managing  all the documentation and steps required.

Before the internship


  • Universities/ students communicate the internship requirements with us. 
  • We specify positions they can offer to them.
  • Definition of dates and terms.


As we know the requirements and specifications, we will begin to:

  • Offer CVs.
  • Organize skype or personal interviews.


  • Letter of intent (if applicable).
  • Learning or training Agreement 
Visa Support 

Qualo offers support and collaboration to obtain the Visa required to travel to the destination country. We have provided work placements to participants from a great variety of countries, achieving plenty of experience in dealing with Visas and work permissions. We are also in contact with the Embassies from the countries of the participants and we offer support and information to those participants who may need it.

During the internship


  • Hosting company provide a mentor and placement for intern.
  • Hosting company are not responsible for any supplementary services.


  • Qualo monitors the internship & organize meetings with interns.
  • Qualo solves unexpected occasions.


  • Letter of intent (if applicable).
  • Learning or training Agreement 
Tutoring and follow up

Qualo will assign to the participant one tutor who will be in contact with him to follow his progress and make sure that he has been able to adapt to the country, culture work position and life in the country of destination. The tutor will act as the person of reference for the participant in case he needs needs to contact someone to offer him special support.

After the internship




  • We transfer references to sending institutions


  • Certifications, evaluation reports.
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