Qualo training&mobility

Our mission

In our globalized world, companies strive for multicultural teams to address the requirements of a constant evolving market. Following this rising trend, Qualo strongly believes in the importance of strengthening international relationships.
It is our mission to promote bilateral mobility agreements between countries, by arranging study and internship programs.

Our goals

◦ Helping students from around the globe to live  and enrich their academic experience abroad.
◦ Offering internships to participants who need to improve their skills whether for academic, professional and cultural purposes.
◦ Making sure that participants fulfil their potential so as to pursue their career .

Our professionalism

◦ We provide consulting services for interns who are looking for companies where they can develop their professional skillsand we help them match their profiles with the host organizations' core business.
◦We control the quality of the internship to ensure the proper function. We insist on keeping the right conditions of the project on all parties involved.

Our solutions

◦ We are able to design programs for sending institutions and individuals according to their needs and budget.
◦ We solve any inconvenience that may arise quickly and efficiently.
◦ We care about the fulfillment of our participants'objectives as well as the companies' goals to be accomplished.

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