Qualo conferences at Pva Expo Prague Letňany

Next 12th and 13th October Qualo will take part in Profesia days, the 6th edition of the annual job fair in Pva Expo Prague Letňany. Our partner director, Nerea Olabegoya will participate during both days, making two interesting presentations you can’t miss:

On Wednesday 12th, at 17:00, we will be talking about Cultural Differences and how can they affect our capacities and productivity at work. Inspired by our experience in a international work environment, we will also give you some useful advices and tips to get over your fears of different cultures and ways of thinking.

On Thursday 13th, at 11.30, we will also be there talking about the keys to success in a job interview. You will learn how important our body language is and how our non- verbal language is the most important part of our speech.

Don’t miss this opportunity and come to visit us at Profesia days, the job fair that you cannot miss!

You can find more information  of the Event in the following link: