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“Our Learning Center and International Elementary School are pleased to have a professional relationship with Qualo. For the past two years, Qualo representatives have been providing us reliable volunteers who have fit nicely into our program. We accept volunteers who have experience or would like to gain experience working with children. Volunteers with background in psychology, English, education or related fields have proved to be good candidates and we look forward to welcoming more young adults to assist their professional development. Qualo is very good about informing us regarding the arrival of potential volunteers. Once a volunteer is placed in one of our schools, Qualo contacts us occasionally to ensure the volunteer is meeting the expectations as a volunteer.
I highly recommend Qualo to any company who believes they could benefit from having volunteers join their team. The experience for the volunteer and company who provides the opportunity is equally rewarding. It is a great opportunity to give young energetic and motivated young adults the opportunity to volunteer in exchange for experience and knowledge. We have been quite pleased with the quality volunteers Qualo has sent to us and we have hired a couple of volunteers upon completion of the scheduled internship. In our schools, volunteers are given the opportunity to improve their English language skills in our English speaking environment and are provided with the opportunity to learn skills that will be valuable to them in the future such as teamwork, patience, and initiative.
We look forward to having more volunteers enter our program. We have a diverse international population and we are always eager to welcome new perspectives and interests. Qualo is connecting the world and what can be better than that?”

Lana G. MgA.

Learning Center and International Elementary School

Our company has made use of the offer to collaborate with Qualo. Collaborating with Qualo brings benefits to both parties in the sense that the internees who work in our company can apply their wider range of intellectual and manual skills from areas such as mechanical and electrical engineering. On the other hand, our company has benefited from this experience of working with internees, because the internees possess the newest knowledge of modern technologies. They thus help solve certain tasks which, economically-wise, wouldn´t be easy for us to outsource to other companies or to hire experts for a short period of time. All the internees we have worked with were hardworking, skilled and possessed good knowledge relevant to the solved problems. Needless to say, all the internees had good manners. The only disadvantage, even though of small importance, is the language – there isn’t a Spanish speaking person in our company, so we communicate in English. We are thus often forced to use dictionaries when discussing certain problems and tasks with the internees

Petr Prouza

Our small company has made use of Qualo’s work placement of internees several times. Bothsides have profited from the suitable placement of the chosen participants in the project teams.When comparing the internees’ performance, we must state that their previous work experience, obtained through part-time jobs or regular employment, has proved a real asset. However, we doappreciate each internee’s inventiveness and effort. They usually show willingness to learn new things and, at the same time, to use their own abilities when dealing with different tasks. Thanks to the collaboration with the internees, we have been able, in certain projects, to dedicate more time to research and analysis. As a result, we achieved in some cases an improvement of the solution procedures. Another benefit for our team is the possibility to improve our communication in a foreign language, even though, the language skills of the internees limit the range of tasks they can be asked to perform.

Ing. Pavel Novák

Ing. Pavel Novák s.r.o.

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