Ten essential skills to include into your CV

Recruiters, during selection process, will generally pay attention for a very short period of time to each resume. This is why it is essential to include certain skills and abilities in order to draw the manager’s attention and shine over of the rest of candidates. Do you want to know which are the most valued skills?

Recruiters and experts agree on some skills and attributes such as:

1. Positive attitude. You must show your enthusiasm and willingness to work, and your capability to transmit this positivism.

2. Communication skills, both written and spoken. The resume itself can be an opportunity to show it. Spelling mistakes can make your curriculum automatically discarded. Communication skills in another language are a plus and may contribute to make the difference.

3. Adaptability. You must be able to adapt to different work backgrounds and situations. A work experience abroad is an example of your adaptability skills.

4. Leadership. You must include activities that you have done and may suggest the recruiter that you are capable of leading. Including projects that you have participated in may prove that you are someone proactive, able to take decisions and guide your team members.

5. Teamwork. Be able to work in teams is one of the most searched characteristics into a resume. Currently, companies usually plan their work through projects where a multi-disciplinary team is involved. Reaching agreements, splitting duties and understanding individual and common responsibilities, are important aspects to work efficiently in these environments.

6. Decision-making. In majority of jobs, disadvantages arise quite often, so recruiters will prefer candidates who are able to solve problems independently, without blaming others or ignoring the situation.

7. Learning and adaptation capabilities. This skill is highly valued because companies must be prepared for any change or progress to occur in its sector and they need staff who are able to see those changes coming and they are also capable of adapting quickly.

8. Valuing diversity and difference. This value is quite important, as it’s quite likely that new employees work with workmates with different opinions and cultures with whom you will need to reach an agreement.

9. Creativity. Recruiters also look for creative people which allow companies to innovate and can provide their personal contributions and own fresh vision to the company.

10. Negotiation power. It is a fundamental skill, especially if your position requires a big responsibility and you need to negotiate with other companies.

Do you agree with them? Which abilities do you think are a must into a resume? And finnally, did you realize that living an experience abroad will allow you to achieve majority of the above mentioned skills?

So what a better way to improve your CV than developing an internship abroad?