Top 7 most valued attitudes and skills

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We may believe that technical knowledge, languages and computer skills are important requirements to get a job position. And we wouldn’t be wrong. Nevertheless, there are other skills and abilities highly valued by the employees, which are unique in every individual. So, we should wonder, which are these abilities and skills?

1. Communication and interpersonal skills

Applicants must show an ability to communicate verbally with people inside and outside the organization. It will help them to establish bounds with their colleagues, creating a better global atmosphere in the company, and it will also enable them to create a contact network with other participants.

2. Teamwork abilities

As a member of a company, every employee’s actions must pursue the common goal of the company. That’s why there must be communication, collaboration and respect within the team.

3. Initiative, independence and self motivation

Employees are members of a team, but they must assume responsibilities as individuals. Everyday, it is required to face different situations and make decisions, not only to solve problems but also to make new contributions to achieve the general company goals. It means that employees should be proactive identifying opportunities and developing a plan to take advantage of them.

4. Organization skills and time management

Due to the great amount of work that employees must face daily, it is necessary to create plans and carry them out effectively. However, time is a limited resource. That’s why the employees should know how to manage their time, prioritise their tasks and fulfill their duties.

5. Flexibility and polyvalence

Every company is different and in every one of them there is special way to work and act, so employees must possess adaptation skills in order to fit within the company. And what is more, even environments and situations are constantly changing and it is important to be able to adapt successfully to them as well.

6. Leaderships and motivation skills

The ability to know how to assign tasks to the employees according to their abilities and to motivate them is really useful for some positions. However being a leader is not only about giving orders, is about been a reference for other people who trust you, follow your advice and respect your decisions.

7. Cross cultural experience.

People who have previously studied or worked abroad usually possess a better international understanding of business, which is highly appreciated by the employee.

These are some of the most valued skills and abilities, but we could propose some more which must not be forgotten, like creativity, integrity, reliability, ability in analysing and investigating, stress tolerance, maturity, passion, tenacity, positive attitude towards learning, professionalism….

Each position requires a different set of abilities so it is important to understand which are the most valued skills for each job, in order focuse on the ones that you are better, and improve those which may be your weak point.