Andrés’ internship abroad experience

We want to share with all of you the experience abroad of Andrés, our participant from Colombia, Student of business administration at the Javeriana University of Bogota. Andrés came to Prague on mid February for an internship with one of our partners as controller and, after 5 months, he has been hired.

Which kind of job are you doing in Prague?

For the past months, I have been doing an internship in the credit and collections department as a Controller. We are in charge of manufacture and sell those big and fancy home television devices. Within the organization, I am in the finance department, trying to improve some process and increasing the productivity.

How  your experience abroad is helping you to grow professionally and personally?

Firstly, living and working in a foreign country has allowed me to practice not only my professional skills but also my communication abilities, due to the necessity of interaction with people that are not familiarized with my native language (Spanish). Additionally, my job is full of new challenges that push my performance to the limit, giving me some invaluable experience in my field.

Secondly, it has given me the chance to test myself as an independent individual, by making me take care of all my responsibilities and duties. It has also improved my self-confidence and my day to day tasks. Furthermore my self-confidence has improved and my day a day doing tasks.

What is the biggest difference between Colombia and Czech Republic ?

Differences between my culture and Czech culture are huge. On one hand, Colombian traditions are characterized by Latin music, personal contact , warming social atmosphere, where outdoor activities are important and punctuality has a point of flexibility, for instance.

On the other hand, Eastern European culture is completely the opposite. Facts such as punctuality, individualism and independence are more important. However is worth to say that people are really friendly and collaborative, willing to teamwork and get to know new cultures.

The aspect which has been more difficult to assimilate is the weather. In Prague, the average forecast is colder (except in summer), which makes indoor activities a must, and to me, an individual accustomed to having sun in the skin and beach everywhere, I find it challenging.

What advice would you give to other participants?

To new participants, I strongly advice to come with the best attitude, open to meet new people, new flavors and meals, new perspectives and ready to show off their best skills and leave their workmates breathless.

Think about this few months as a challenge you must take, but at the same time an invaluable time to have fun, learn a completely new language and enjoy life.

Why do you recommend to others to come to Prague?

Prague stands out as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and well known internationally. Located right in the center of Europe, it allows people to travel to the most amazing places you could imagine, like Viena or Bratislava.

International students from all around the world are everywhere, so you will have the opportunity to make good friendships that will last forever. And of course, nightlife in Prague is also really famous.

In addition, daily life in Prague could be more than affordable, making this beautiful city full of history castles and breweries a perfect place to spend part of your youth.

Are you thinking about exploring your possibilities abroad like Andrés? We can help you, don’t hesitate and write us!