How are our trainees facing the “corona-crisis” abroad?

“Just because the game gets hard, it doesn’t mean we have to stop.”
This was the answer of our trainees when we asked them to describe their experience during the COVID-19 situation.

Many internships, in fact, started in an atypical way in 2020. From march, trainees who have started to work at our host companies, were caught abroad in the middle of pandemic crisis. Ever since, some of them had to mix home office and partial office meetings, while others could only work from home due to how the government measures affected the Czech Republic.

Followed by our team and their tutor at work, those students succeeded despite all the difficulties in ending their projects with really good results, so we must say that we are very proud of their courage and motivation, despite the tough circumstances.

We have been talking with our trainees from Spain and they want to share with you their experience:

Naiara, who works as administrative and marketing assistant at a chemical firm, says about her experiences: ‘‘ In my case, I work on my own under my company supervision. My job at the company consist on contacting clients and place orders. Currently I am also developing a website. I am grateful for being in Prague because I am able to go out, to practice sport and this is something that in other countries is not possible. ”

Paula, who is working at a laboratory, has been one of the privileged students who was able to go to her work placement from the very begining, following of course the security measures. This is what she tell us about her experience so far: “My experience in Prague has been good, I am going to work normally, the only thing we can’t do is get out normally on the street, but is not allowed everywhere. I am lucky because in Prague there are few restrictions and the work is going great.”

Aitor, who works at the IT company tells us: ‘‘ I work together with my colleague Hodei in the same company, they send us periodically the tasks to do from home even if the load of work is lower as it would be in normal circumstances. The situation is complicated due to the coronavirus issue, but the city is beautiful and there is a lot of places to visit, so it makes it the perfect place for an internship.”

We were talking as well with Mireia and Irati, who are working together in the marketing department of a big corporation, under supervision of their Spanish tutor, who has taken care of them as some kind of “second family”.  This is what they tell us: ‘‘ I work together with my colleague Irati in the same company, where they send us weekly tasks and we are happy with it. We may be able to return to the office shortly. Even despite the situation we have been able to see a lot of places in this the city”. In the meantime, Irati also talked to us and said: ‘‘ We are happy with the company and have work to do. I like the city a lot, although it is true that we are a bit limited to certain things. The experience is being unique, and we consider that few people can have an opportunity like this. ”

Out of these personal stories we can conclude that, sometimes, even if the experience you are living it is not what you had initially expected, it can be a great opportunity to grow and overcome your difficulties. The most important thing is never giving up.
Being afraid means that you care about what you are doing and what you are going trough, but using this fear to learn can be the key of your success.

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