Your home abroad!

Qualo Training & Mobility offers accommodation solutions according to your needs and budget. We are able to offer an accommodation for whole groups and individuals as well, with half board, full board or self catering. In collaboratio with several suppliers and agencies we  search for the best option to each participant, overseeing all stages of the process, including, pre viewings, contracting check-ins and check-outs.

We care about housing conditions and fulfilling the adecuates comfort, quality and location standards. The accomodation options can be:

  • Hotels for short stays up to 5 weeks
  • Student residences for both long and short stay
  • Apartments for longer term stays, minimum 3 months.


Boost your skills!

Never mind if you would like to do 2 weeks long training or spend 6 months abroad for an internship, Qualo Training & Mobility will help you to find the best solution and suitable placement in a company or institution related to your studies, experience or needs. Our employees are able to arrange educational programs for individuals and groups as well.

We can manage thematic courses or trainings focused on development of skills or languages; courses financed from EU funds or from private sources.

Courses offer:

  • Language courses 
  • Cultural Training 
  • Business courses
  • Employability training:
  • Other tailor made courses

Your safe ride home!

Qualo can arrange for the participants the transfer from/to the airport for a safe and comfortable arrival in the destination, guaranteeing that you will be accompanied at the arrival and departure. It includes:

  • Welcome meeting with Qualo staff at the airport
  • Transfer to the accommodation
  • Initial instructions

Local transport


We can arrange the Public Transport Card required to move around the city, and deliver to you upon arrival in the city destination at your accommodation, for the total duration of your stay.

Pocket money and meals

We offer the possibility to provide the participants with the pocket money and organize their meals directly at their accommodation or at a nearby restaurant (This services is only avaible for groups):
  • Meals: some accommodation suppliers, mainly hotels and some student residences, can arrange breakfast and dinners for the group during their stay.
  • Pocket money: we can additionally arrange pocket money, and provide an agreed amount of cash in the local currency periodically to the group. 

Support with Visa documents

Qualo offers support to obtain the documents required to apply for the Visa. We have provided several internship placements to participants from a great variety of countries, achieving plenty of experience in dealing with Visas. We are also in contact with the Embassies from the countries of the participants and we offer support and information to those participants who may need it.
Qualo will arrange all documents related with the internship placement and accommodation, and deliver them to your postal address once they are prepared.

Travel and discover new places!

Discover the most beautiful places in Central Europe, immerse into their magical atmosphere, know local people and their customs.

    • We organize:
      • Touristic and cultural excursions.
      • Prague and other historical cities in Europe.
      • Accompanying touristic attractions and guided tours

Prague is the main host destination. We offer cultural activities in the following destinations:

      • Central Europe tour: including well known cities such us Wien, Budapest, Berlin and Prague…
      • Czech Republic tour: including beautiful czech villages such us Karlovy Vary, Kutná Hora, český krumlov, Pilzen

Cultural programs can be tailor-made according to the desired duration, budget and interests. 

Your tailor made professional program

Designed for mobility staff within sending institutions, participants and companies aiming to acquire a better understanding of the country destination. It includes:
  • Preparatory visits
  • Workshops
  • Fairs & exhibitions tours
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Additional practical support