Why to choose Prague for an experience abroad?

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Prague is, without a trace of doubt, one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. It is really hard not to fall in love with this amazing city from the very first moment you arrive here. However you may wonder, why should I study or work in this wonderful city?

1. Language is not a barrier

Although Czech is the official language, people can communicate easily in English. Majority of people can speak English, not only in the shops and pubs but also in the street. Even sometimes you may be able to find people who speak other languages such us German, Italian, Spanish or Russian.

So don’t panic if you open a Czech dictionary! Language won’t be a problem for you. Anyway, you can always try to learn some words. Czech people like when foreigners try to speak their native language.

2. Internationality

Many students and young workers choose Prague to carry out their Erasmus or internships. That’s why you will be able to meet people from all over the world in an international atmosphere.

So enjoy the experience and take advantage of it to become more open minded and learn more about different cultures.

3. Cost of life

Prague is a cheap city in comparison with other European capitals.

It is well known that student’s and young worker’s budget is tight. But don’t worry! Filling the fridge, enjoying a meal outside, travelling and experiencing the cultural life won’t ruin you.

Accommodation might be more expensive, but there is a wide range of prices, so you can find the most suitable one.

4. Really good connections

Prague is quite big but it is really well connected. There are three metro lines interconnected with several lines of bus and tram.

The underground, tram and bus system can take you everywhere, no matter where you are.  There are a lot of combinations  and their frequency is high.

Even during night there are some lines which will not stop working to take you wherever you need.

5. Privileged Location for travel lovers

Located not only in the middle of Czech Republik, but also in the heart of Europe, Prague is the perfect destination if you are a traveler.

Czech cities and villages possess  an especial charm which can’t be found anywhere else.  And not only that,  Prague is extremely close to other European cities: just 2 hours by train  to Dresden, 4 to Vienna, 5 to  Berlin, 6 to Varsovia, 7 to Budapest.

Travelling around Central Europe was never so easy!

6. Meals

Food is really tasty and there is a great variety of meat, vegetables and desserts. It is also possible to enjoy a meal in a traditional restaurant for a reasonable price.

Pasta and hamburgers won’t be the only food in your diet!

7. Culture

You will discover an amazing and wonderful culture. Prague is full of art, music, history, tradition and  architecture from the classic and the modern world.

There are plenty of festivals and activities. You will really enjoy the cultural life!

Convinced? Come to Prague!

Exciting adventures are waiting for you here!