Tips to look for a good job on Linkedin

Do you want to improve your Linkedin profile to capture the attention of the recruiters?

Linkedin has become into an important channel to achieve job, due to the competitive situation that we have to deal with. If you want to get some advantage, these are some tips that you can use.

1. Choose well your contacts.  Better quality that quantity. Besides of your personal contacts (actual coworkers or close classmates and friends), try to connect with HR staff, consultants, temporary employment agencies, etc.

2. Recommendations. Ask for recommendations to former bosses and colleagues. Recommendations can make the difference against someone who does not.

3. Profile in several languages. If you are looking for job abroad or if you are looking for job in an international company, the best you can do is translate your profile into different languages.

4. Take care of the content. Do not use your profile just like a curriculum in which you include all the tasks you can do, and focus on results and goals you’ve accomplished. Do not forget to fill all sections, as a complete profile demonstrates a good attitude and makes your resume more attractive.

5. Participate in groups. Join groups related to your career interests and participate actively. HR staff usually participates on these groups and could pay attention to your profile.

6. Create a blog. Linkedin has a blogging platform. It could be a good idea to create post to demonstrate everything you know about your profession.