And now…what to do? Begin a journey

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Whether you are in your last year of University, or you finished recently your studies, there is an unavoidable question that you must face sooner or later: what to do now?  When the future is uncertain and the possibilities are huge, it is natural that your feel doubtful and overwhelmed about the answer.

Now it is the moment to begin a journey that will lead you to your goals. It will be long but you need to walk along the way step by step so you can build your future. Remaining in the still not an option. You must let your passions be the motor that drives your live.

Before planning your strategy, you should make a break to think about yourself. Who you really are, where are you, what matters to you, where do you want to arrive and why. That is the key to set your mission. Once you have it, keep it always in mind, because as long as you don’t forget it you will never get lost.

Whether you reply to  all these questions immediately or not, you still have a long path ahead of you to know yourself and to discover about your weakness, strengths, ambitions and goals.

That is why it is so important to explore different possibilities and achieve more knowledge and experience during the first stages of your path, so you can start shaping your plan and targets.

So, why not to start with an experience abroad? That will provide you with a wider understanding of the world, new perspectives, languages and an international network. It will help you to improve your curriculum, increase your employability expectancy, and what is more important, to  succeed in your professional and personal  live.


Now it is your moment. Make a decision and watch your life move forward! This is the beginning of your future.